Tips on how to create a Small Business Marketing Plan

A good marketing strategy attracts the right kind of business. It’s important to examine each part of the strategy, to ensure that you achieve maximum benefits.

What is a marketing plan?
This is a document that spells out the company’s goals and the proposed strategies and business tactics that can be used to achieve them. It should be flexible and should reflect current trends to help you stay ahead of competitors.

Important steps to consider:
Identify the audience each activity is targeted to:

This is one of the most important steps in the procedure. By getting to know which market you are speaking to, you may be able to design a campaign that will appeal to them.

Do your research:
Marketing requires proper research. There are numerous marketing strategies you can use. Use tools such as surveys, focus groups, etc.

Situation analysis:
This is basically a snapshot of your company’s current situation. Define you company, its products and services. Positioning you product competitively requires an understanding of your niche market.

List your marketing goals:

State what you want to achieve through your marketing plan. Make a list and ensure your goals are measurable.

Set measurable goals:
It’s important to set goals that are attainable and realistic. Make the goals as specific as possible, which will help you achieve them.

Develop a clear strategy:
Detail the tactics you’ll use to achieve your goals. Outline your primary marketing strategies and include logical steps you will follow. These steps should detail how you will market most effectively.

Number crunching:
Dedicate a section of your budget towards marketing. Make sure that your tactics are in accordance with your budget. Beware of the various costs required for implementation.

Evaluate and reflect:
Make sure your marketing plan is in line with your business plan or vision statement. Keep evaluating progress and make changes where necessary.

Create a marketing plan to cover at least one year:
The marketing plan takes into account changes such as people leaving; evolving markets and changes is in customers.

Get the whole company involved:

Be transparent about your marketing plan. Keep employees informed, so the team has a common goal to rally behind.

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