How to successfully claim Maternity UIF Benefits

Working South Africans are eligible to receive maternity benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The UIF is a government-mandated fund that aims to provide financial support to the unemployed.

Maternity benefits are forms of support for new mothers to allow them to have sufficient maternity leave from their regular jobs without suffering a serious loss of income.

Individuals who do not qualify for UIF benefits include:

  • Workers working less than 24 hours a month for an employer
  • Learners
  • Public servants
  • Foreigners working on contract to be repatriated at the end of the contract
  • Workers who get a monthly old age pension
  • Workers who only earn commission

Who qualifies for Maternity UIF benefits?

  • Mothers who have made regular payments to the UIF on a monthly basis
  • Employees who are on maternity leave
  • Applicants in possession of a valid South African ID book or a valid passport (for foreign nationals)
  • Applicants who have not claimed from the UIF within the last four years

Those receiving benefits from the Compensation Fund or from any other unemployment fund are ineligible to claim

Mothers should claim by at least 8 weeks before the child is born.

The Application Process:

  • Submit applications for UIF maternity benefits from the first day of maternity leave.
  • Provide your 13 digit barcoded SA ID or valid foreign passport
  • Fill out four official forms and submit them
  • Fill in the UI-2.8 and UI- 2.7 forms with your banking details. The UI-2.3 and UI- 4 forms serve as application and follow-up forms.
  • A medical certificate must be provided.
  • Submit all documents to your nearest labour centre.
  • Applications are accepted until the baby is six months old and payments are made every three weeks.
  • Those who have had a miscarriage are entitled to six weeks’ maternity leave and are eligible for UIF.

If you are unable to submit your own form, a third party may do so in your place.

Ensure that all information is entirely correct.

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