Do’s And Don’ts Before You quitting your job

Ask yourself what you are really unhappy about

Some of the most common reasons people want to leave their jobs include lack of recognition and no correlation with reward and effort. Make sure that you are leaving after having expressed your grievances to your superiors fully. If there are no alternatives and you are ready, and then move on.

Be realistic about your safety net

It may be exciting to leave your job, but it’s highly important to be realistic about how long your savings will sustain you for. It’s always advisable to have at least 12 months of savings in a liquid account so you can access the cash when you need it.

what to do before you quit your job

Plan ahead

List out all the things you plan to do. Have a backup for your backup in case things change unexpectedly.

Consider going on a sabbatical

Ask yourself if you may just need a break due to burnout. This may help you gain a better perspective.

Are you willing to compromise?

Ask yourself if you’re willing to take a job that you think is beneath you to survive.

Consider the time of year

Quitting at the end of the year isn’t always the best idea. Quitting during October, November or December is considered the riskiest times of the year. You could forfeit a bonus or a promotion. Another consideration to make is that very few companies hire at this time of the year.

Have a solid plan

Make sure that when you quit, you have a well thought out plan. Take your time to make sure you’ve considered all options. Make sure you have another job lined up and that the contract is signed before you resign.

Improve your chances of standing out

Work on increasing your visibility. The job market is highly competitive, so make a concerted effort to refine your professional profiles online, to network or to even volunteer.

Have a positive attitude

Keep a positive outlook no matter what. Be positive about finding new opportunities. Put your best foot forward and don’t panic even if things don’t always go according to plan.

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